Project Education: An All-Encompassing Student Data Platform

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Steve Navarre, Co-Founder & CEO, Project EducationSteve Navarre, Co-Founder & CEO
Project Education has been disrupting the educational technology sector with its customizable platform featuring multiple integrated products that fulfill the state and federal accountability requirements of school districts nationwide. The company’s flagship offering, Project ELL, for English Language Learners, tracks the progress of students learning English. Building this product, Project Education provides a variety of solutions to meet the requirements of special populations, including Gifted and Talented (GT), Special Education (SPED), Section 504 (504), Response to Intervention (RTI), Career and Technology Education (CTE), and more.

In 2013, Mellony Deuel and Steve Navarre began exchanging ideas about the possibility of forming a company that would fill critical gaps in the current EdTech marketplace. With Mellony’s extensive experience in educational administration and Navarre’s expertise in technology and business management, ideas were rapidly put into action, marking the inception of Project Education. The company has steadily grown into a large EdTech organization with an enthusiastic team of educators who provide an all-encompassing solution catering to the needs of diverse student populations in districts of all sizes.

Integrated into the different products that monitor student progress, Project Education provides modules that track classroom behavior and social-emotional student activity to identify patterns that may affect student success. Such products prove especially beneficial to English Language Learners, as they enable teachers to monitor students with language acquisition issues and aid them in being academically successful.

By displaying student information in one spot on a single system, we assist teachers and district administrators in making holistic student decisions

The company’s latest product, Project Truancy, aids tracking students at-risk of losing credit because of absences. “With Truancy, schools can identify and provide supports for students at risk of losing credits or dropping out of school completely while minimizing the loss of district funds because of student attendance,” explains Navarre, CEO of Project Education.

The Project Education customizable platform functions as a portal for student data that can adapt to the processes and compliance requirements of individual states, making it nationally accessible without the cost of building a state-specific product for each program. In addition, the platform aggregates data from different siloed student data systems from the student information system to assessment data systems, custom databases, and excel spreadsheets. School districts use the Project Education platform to consolidate information in a single place while increasing the visibility of student data for the concerned teachers and staff. The company utilizes a Microsoft Technology Stack in the Azure Cloud with web apps and databases to create a protected and secure environment for each school district. This makes customizations easy while ensuring that the data of each school district is secure.

With its extensive feature set and true customization and personalization controls, Project Education’s platform is a cut above the rest. The multiple product platform eliminates the need for districts to purchase different systems for each special student population. “By making comprehensive student information visible on a single system, we assist teachers and district administrators in making holistic decisions that lead to student success,” Navarre says.

In the next few months, Project Education aims to launch more products, among which is a graduation program that will help ensure students are on track to complete their education. This will also give school counselors, teachers, and parents the ability to monitor the student’s educational goals. Project Education is also extending parent access across all programs, which will increase their involvement in their children’s education. “Our goal is to help in student success, that which leads to a better workforce and to productive citizens for a better future,” concludes Navarre.